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The Simple Solution Remote Administrative Office Support Services for Attorneys and Financial Professionals  


Administrative & Legal Assistant Services
for Attorneys, Business Coaches & Professional Speakers


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Laura Lee Sparks
The Simple Solution
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Tired of being trapped in administrative chaos? 

The Simple Solution specializes in assisting Lawyers, Business Coaches and Professional Speakers handle the administrative tasks required to manage and grow their business. This allows them to reclaim their time and focus on the client and creative work that is essential to a thriving business

Do any of the following describe your situation?

  • Missed deadlines
  • Calendar chaos
  • Missed sales due to delayed follow up
  • Frustration with phone tag
  • Stagnate marketing plans
  • More unbillable hours than billable hours
  • Halted progress on product development
  • Email overload
  • Overdue newsletters
  • Working too many hours
  • No Fun
  • Stressed Out!

You began your business because you had a passion for what you do. Now you find that instead of doing what you love, you are spinning your wheels and spending most of your time working “on” your business and not “in” your business.

You may not have a background in administration or know how to set up systems and organize the workflow, and just kind of “wing it”, creating even more frustration and time wasted.

Or perhaps your obstacle is that you have convinced yourself that it is “just easier if I do it myself” or “no one can do it as perfect as me” or the one I love the best “I can’t trust anyone with my business secrets”.

If you are ready to move past those conceived notions, I have…

The Simple Solution!

I specialize in taming your administrative chaos. By using my 20 years of administrative expertise I will implement processes and systems to handle your workflow. I can then take care of your newsletters, autoresponders, marketing activities, client relationship management, database management, teleseminars, transcription, webinars, power point presentations, travel arrangements, helping with brainstorming, and the day to day administrative tasks of running your professional service business.

Imagine the amount of time this would free up for you to focus on clients, networking, writing, coaching, product development, and continued education which is what will take your business to the next level of success.

The foundation of our success will be the strategic relationship that we will build together. I am not a project based secretarial service, but instead I build an ongoing collaborative relationship with you. I get to know your business, your clients, your vendors and most importantly your likes and dislikes. As our relationship grows, so does the value of our relationship. Unlike a secretarial service or temporary agency, I will be an integral part of your business.

By partnering with me to save time, increase productivity, and effectively manage the administrative aspects of your business, you are choosing a cost effective alternative to in-house staff. There are no benefits, sick time, vacations or payroll taxes to worry about. You pay only for the actual time I spend working on your business matters. That’s 100% productivity, no down time costs ever!

Are you ready to stop doing it all yourself?

Your time as a professional is valuable, and it's not necessary for you to handle all the administrative duties on your own. I want you to focus on what you do best and allow me to simplify the rest.

In today's society, outsourcing is becoming the new way to handle various aspects of business. Of course, it is important to find the right virtual assistant to outsource to.

Because of my years of experience working with Attorneys, Business Coaches and Professional Speakers, I know and understand the procedures and processes that are necessary to run your business such as client intakes, sales cycles, conflict checks, impeccable calendar management, marketing plans, continued education and market research. I will set up a system for managing these tasks and keep them running smoothly.

Are you ready to take the next step in growing your business? I only work with a handful of clients; and only in an ongoing collaborative manner. My clients retain me for a block of time each month (usually 10, 15 or 20 hours). This allows me to collaborate effectively and schedule the workflow for all of my clients to meet whatever schedules and deadlines they may have.

We start this process by scheduling a consultation where we can get to know more about each other and our businesses. It is a way to see if we would be a good fit, and there is absolutely no obligation.

My success lies in seeing my client's businesses grow and being the administrative support that they can not imagine life without. If that describes what you are looking for, you should contact me today for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation and let’s discuss The Simple Solution to relief of administrative chaos.



Time is our most precious asset, we should invest it wisely." ~Michael Levy


Managing Editor, Gritty Business Buzz  


What our clients are saying.....

I call Laura Lee “The Implementer” because she does a great job of keeping up with all of the ideas I have for marketing.

Ben Glass
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